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Gait, balance, and fall prevention are my passions. Throughout my career, I have found these three factors to be the foundation for a better quality of life. That is why I have developed a rich base of knowledge that focuses on reducing fall risk, improving gait quality, and functional independence.


I started developing and running an outpatient fall prevention balance clinic program in 2000. I was a member of the Connecticut Collaboration on Fall Prevention, speaking frequently for them, and my clinic was featured on CPTV. I have treated thousands of individuals whom have been effected both psychologically and emotionally by a fall or the fear of one.


Fall Prevention Class | Specialized Physical Therapy Classes | Serving CT

Balance Training

  • Reduce falls - gain peace of mind

  • Avoid injuries that can reduce lifespan

  • Move faster and with more confidence

Wellness PT Benefits

  • Keep yourself limber - active - healthy

  • Reduce chances of future injuries

  • Sleep better - gain energy


In addition, I am a certified trainer of the Tai-Ji-Quan Movement for Better Balance® (TJQMBB) program. This research-based program uses a specialized version of Tai-Chi to improve balance and reduce falls in older individuals. 

Why I feel that one-on-one is so important:

In client-based practices, patients often find themselves working only a few minutes per office visit with an actual physical therapist, spending most of their valuable therapy time with aid's, athletic trainers, and Physical Therapy Assistants.  In the present  fast-paced setting, a therapist might see dozens of patients a day - thus leaving no room for personal attention. While this method financially benefits the PT Office, it substantially reduces the quality of care provided.  

Complicating rehabilitation, patients are often released prematurely because they can't conform to the environment for treatment. Issues such as fear, lack of body awareness, pain, and multiple diagnoses, makes progress too slow for insurance authorization.  These issues can  lead to a loss of motivation and progress, resulting in discharge. 

This is why I provide one-on-one wellness exercise visits that bring a skilled eye to a regular exercise routine. I pride myself on allowing patients the use of my experience to work smarter, not harder. The individual attention I provide gives me the opportunity to  educate patients how each movement should be performed, its purpose in day-to-day activity, and what each movement should feel like. This approach makes repetitions easier and more consistent to perform. 

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