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Throughout the course of my career, I have grown more passionate about helping those age more gracefully and combat the challenges that come from living with Parkinson's and Dementia. This passion has helped me develop various specialties and acquire several certifications that together, help me provide exceptional care with confidence. It is my experience, my training, and my passion that help me treat clients of all types based on their chronic challenges or simply the challenges of the day.




Let me assist you in aging gracefully with our proven Ageless Grace® Brain Health and Fitness program. The Ageless Grace® program consists of 21 "new-to-you" simple exercises that are designed to activate the 5 key functions of the brain to promote a healthy mind and body by improving neuroplasticity.

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Over the years, I have gained certifications and experience helping alleviate the challenges associated with living with both Parkison's Disease, as well as, Dementia. There are many approaches and methodologies included, but not limited to;

  • LSVT BIG Program which is designed to help patients with Parkinson's to improve/maintain their "real-time" movements and keep those movements in alignment 

  • Tai Ji Quan Movement for Better Balance (TJQMBB) certification is used in all of my movement treatments.  It is a balancing and strengthening program using Tai Ji as the medium

  • Focusing on creating movement patterns that effect the area's of deficit regardless of cognitive limitations is always top of mind

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"For most of my life I felt good. Physically, I never felt like that old lady. But one day, I realized it was getting gradually harder for me to get up from the chair and other basic movements. That scared me. I've always been an active person. When I started working with Tom, he came to my home and really helped me regain comfort in those day-to-day movements."


Wellness PT is designed to focus on developing a healthy range of motion, balance, and fall protection, as well as, the following: 


  • Keep yourself limber, active, & healthy

  • Reduce chances of future injuries

  • Sleep better (Improve Energy)

  • Reduce falls and gain peace of mind

  • Avoid fatal injuries 

  • Move faster and with more confidence

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