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Designed from experience for optimal convenience. 

Most physical therapy is conducted in a clinical, office-like environment forcing clients, who are in pain or fearful of falling, to go to the professional to seek comfort and guidance. At Better Balance, experience helped create a new way to deliver comfort and stability. We designed our practice to deliver door-to-door physical therapy treatment so that you know there are no distractions or other patients. While we are together, we are truly together focused on you. I've designed this to be centered around convenience, comfort, and mindfulness. People come to me when they are off balance or in pain and are looking for help. With that in mind, my career has helped me develop my unique approach and process for delivering at-home physical therapy that truly works. 



"After a certain point, you get tired of going to medical centers and being in doctor's offices. So when I realized Tom would come to my home I was blown away. Every other physical therapist I've gone to, I work up the strength to get to the center, and then for the hour I'm there, I got passed around while they tended to other patients. Tom came to the comfort of my home and gave me his undivided attention. It felt so much different than anything I'd ever experienced. I wish I had known this was an option years ago."

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