Designed from experience for optimal convenience. 

Most physical therapy is conducted in a clinical, office-like environment forcing clients, who are in pain, to go to the professional to seek comfort and guidance. At Better Balance, experience helped create a new way to deliver comfort. We designed our practice to deliver door-to-door physical therapy treatment so that you know there are no distractions or other patients. While we are together, we are truly together focused on you. I've designed this to be centered around convenience, comfort, and mindfulness. People come to me when they are in pain and are looking for help. With that in mind, my career has helped me develop my unique approach and process for delivering at-home physical therapy that truly works. 

  • Outpatient Orthopedic Therapist

    I started my career as an outpatient orthopedic therapist and still have the love and passion to effectively treat injury and postsurgical conditions. This background has made me feel extremely comfortable dealing with complicated cases with multiple diagnoses. I understand how an orthopedic issue will affect a neurological condition.

  • Hebrew Health Care

    In-Home Care & Inpatient Services

    I spent 12 years with HHC where I gained incredible experience working with a wide variety of patients. There my focus was supporting outpatient clients at its satellite locations and on its main campus. I am proud to say that I had been the therapist of choice for board members, staff, and families of their patients.

  • Better Balance Physical Therapy

    Now with Better Balance Physical Therapy, I have been fortunate to combine everything that I have learned over the course of my career from pain management, fall prevention, Ageless Grace programs, and much more so that I can deliver a level of care that perfectly aligns with the needs of the patient. 


"After a certain point, you get tired of going to medical centers and being in doctor's offices. So when I realized Tom would come to my home I was blown away. Every other physical therapist I've gone to, I work up the strength to get to the center, and then for the hour I'm there, I got passed around while they tended to other patients. Tom came to the comfort of my home and gave me his undivided attention. It felt so much different than anything I'd ever experienced. I wish I had known this was an option years ago."

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